Jill sees her feet are fleeting followers. Narrow backdoors

  (and rhyming barrow
                 to tarry it's sweet welted boardwalks
                    in her walking rhymingscheme
                          ta 'escribe eternity's)


                                              Franby walks in the wide door kickin' off the overboarn rhyme with a huff of her buff! her glorius body!naked! with striving give to rainbow light.


~where R

(rigging flowers!
friggin flowrs!
a flow like coal
comes to her head
of the bed that's

where are your dancin' shoes Bipolar Tuesday? Jill's gotta know if you love him? Him? hymn with his congealed suit and rundown shoes 's work it soyou both get soyabean love.



13 & 14 strata

of the wit that boom 
   in the arch way of the cunning  'un  not gugjment and gue but gyre
  n few nor the barroganche of crew

Jill hath an answer over her red-light hair
     the spray of pepper torn from her dress

 and more to come she was winning in a winsome way over pill and hail not the ragged beribboned  cake of the overborne state ruling its dumbarse plenitudes with debt gongrol and cash broil foil.


redates updates


Jill's redate is the fifth vision, erstwhile version as in the atom of starlit. Or the sunken vitreous of the old I, not its new takeoff.

   Mona feeling shudder as it spans forthward a vast case of love and mother. A ring round the toe of the ankle bedding its ancient coin, and the leman's care. Thrift as its box goes.



Bargain to this guild

  Eternity know its name? that's what Jill  wanted .Any  knowing was pleasing to her sense of things. She gathered the bare geese, her start spare parts,  parting  scattered unity, 
love mate (her lewd double lover) to a fluid state. But as a journey man waits her time, so she. 

Parting the will, missing  cone.
Simple fare for balking self.   .

She's pink to her reasonable color tone. A tune tinfoil wrapper , she's pinked the thirty wondering her daynight.
 The cloud's asking feasts not feat. She's    knackered her grief. A n  award winning   low.
A graph to any  impediment and  creed. A grope,every lover's body's a mouth. 

Patient to her bearing need to her lover. Her tongue salt-tasted joy  missing. What missing was full to her better self, her lover wife. A sister to her mother, the merry chase between the orchid and wedding bell blue-clover cover.

At Paris, everyone heard the professor's ogre strained pulling at the teeth of philosophical concepts. But she's figure to her fanfair. As black shined gold. and the shoe step of the moulting . and the shone shine girl, glad face to her white .

And  any adjective working that ways/ sent her flying__
and she's worrying beads and the monkey melody, the tune of cycles burying their return.

A leaf, a thief a cheese net.  She's pallid to any interior. And glass eye. the fingers 

twitching on her back ...



take fugue

Flight and right turn to the air backward. A glancing to a seaming road round a feather to end. A nape a standing clarion but to regular refuge and inside the space of its fled. O my! As the mother canvas and a winch the by-road her claiming breath. Esau's pillow derived the willow strand caring at the edge of a path. And her kirtle. Not something akin to the ever-known but counted by the ray of a sun blanched heat. A circumference of doubt and breath fleeting to an end parried at every square root. A boot a foot walking to the end of her obsession.

Want want want she reckon pay day's bound to come. By the heather
a rail-track twitching.

Hence Franny, Mona, and Jill's still star, a fig to each famine .

Not a decision but breath's ointment.

Is there no balm  in Gilead?
                                             Would  it hinder, doctor?


Her coat was a slimsy bit of dark silk, with a glister in it; and the hat was the thinnest straw, the brim curling a little in the   work  of year and red decals transoffering  the ruined glimpsed machine. A chance counter on the straw matrix, not the straw bucket of Bing!

A thing in the distant whatever. As she liked it a becoming forth not a terrible piece of mouth glued to the handland a deterritorialized cinch of grammar 

And the won slipped off. Neither language or its thing word. O

Of the gods and her torment a penalty paid for the punitive wordshopping.A ship? a shopping around this range Mona's feeling. Not the tourists on cheap holidays to Africa, Brazil, the far and west East.  If yer bone wakes then the dead don't know better. A divine tracking decimal device her gps gown crinkling and the hoho contiguous to the abscene of voice and letter.  This sickness that is hers.

_____________ Jill clambers thought. Her bodhi wrapped .


Bargain basement love. Let her to begin.A soft start.  Incipient to rays of sun. and whether the big inn. And at first plate, a wretched coal diver! Of this ass she walks home vertical street down the declining upward to her house. resting her ass to the . Zhou you are this rental thief, a fiat against capitalism! And your whore body. Vengeance in their accent and lips, but O how ssoft that back of her skin small of her back. Backlogging to her love, and approximately her head wears minks, stoles, and greens, puttees, and purposeful tunes of air.

Any enunciation will do will do, yes, empireless girl, and hoverdover . No, aforewarning just because a trident. True as any triumph. 

Victory! Victory! and the bell ringing. Apache style plain bringing the thief to justice. 
and the bison and buffalo the busboy.

The tramway.

Mona's wishlist has appeared. she's history or double and nothing.

_______________ Please replace your telephone in its cradle.

Zhou you came naked in winter seeing for her rent. and rental to become

and so you too!



Jill says hey

It's the body loneliness and sickness that kills us/
that makes us sick/ makes us die. but death isnt it  (but breath's contrary to every reason including the dialectics of the deathcastraters) (signifier copcharacters pulling down their mows on everyone!) 

existing anyhow? anyhow ~ is it anyhow lower case lover and Upper Case Hover and the sentence is grammar it speaks rushing to the end of the case / the mood the mood ' controls' prepares and stymies the written sentence and yes writing came before speech it was speech held up by writing that rang true the bells of the garden / this way she holds truth
This is what Jill sees holding her nose keeping her caper. However! Jill knows it a crazy strata of Dt and Rt and death between. The chaosmosis of her coming . Is not her becoming a coming? A true coming of all fine soldiers. Why soldier you silly thing. What wretch imagines soldiers in place of lovers. And the greed undone by the free bodies of May 1968 which has never ended and won't keep coming and going until the end of time. And Mona's the woman with the goatfoot, and a lady witha  clip limp foot . And her breasts full as any Blossom.A nd this way ladies and gentlemen for the awakenings. And the blessed folk of time and love. and rupture    ~. She imagines lovers way they is none. And she's a nun of virtue and apocalypse and the 'sudden' sun. Her marmalade remarkable ease.

Open the book to three women you find Mona. Shes a ding aling along the donga long. She tutored and studied her way past every doctor of the shores of the Seine. and Paris is merely a song in her toot. And she wont have rock an roll either for her thing as she's better than that. Mozart's her head. And her heart raves every bloom.

  Now let every wretched text be her lover     ~ .